Appeal: Fill our Christmas stocking with love

Great Ormond Street Hospital is an extraordinary place that needs your help.
The hospital provides world-class care
to hundreds of children every day.
But we need to raise about £100
million every year to help sick
children and their families.

You can help make the hospital an even more extraordinary place this Christmas by sending the children a message of hope. Your personalised Christmas stocking will be displayed at the hospital for patients,
parents and staff to read.

It's a really quick and easy way to let the children know you are thinking of them this Christmas.

Christmas for Zikora

Evie (pictured left) was only 18 months old when she came down with a cold. Soon she struggled to breathe. In May last year, her mum was told Evie had dilated cardiomyopathy - her little heart was very weak and beyond repair. Her only chance was a heart transplant. Read more about Evie's life-saving surgery and their family Christmas at GOSH...